Product Features

Efficient customer processing

Quick customer search/selection through a variety of criteria

  • Name
  • Customer Number
  • Phone Number
  • Address

Dashboard view handles all customer interaction without changing screens

  • Provides Comprehensive view of the customers and their garments
  • Customer Maintenance (Add/Update)
  • Garment Maintenance (Add/Update)
  • Service Ticket Creation
  • Garment Receiving with automatic Vault Assignment
  • Garment(s) Delivery with comprehensive Delivery Receipt
  • Customer Storage Log (Display/Print)
  • Service Payment Collection
  • On-Demand Customer Statement Printing

Garment Receiving supports the natural flow of the business and allows for:

  • Receipt of multiple garments from the same customer
  • Selection of multiple services per garment in one step
  • Automatic assignment of vault locations based upon
    • Garment length
    • Services to be provided
  • Payment Collection (can be split across payment methods)
  • Printing of Service Ticket for customers signature containing
    • Services being performed for each garment
    • Work instructions for each service (if needed)
    • Vault location for each garment
    • Fur and lining condition for each garment
    • Legal verbiage for customers signature
  • Printing of Garment Tickets for each garment processed containing
    • Services being performed
    • Work Instructions for each service (if needed)
    • Vault Location
    • Fur and Lining Condition
    • Date Promised
Download Fur-Soft Features Documentation

Garment delivery provides efficient process to deliver garments back to the customer

  • "Deliver Garments" buttons present a list of all garments in the vault for the selected customer
  • Garments may be selected/deselected for delivery
  • Any money owed on the selected garment(s) is shown
  • Garments may not be delivered until the outstanding balance is paid
  • Payment collection is processed (may be split)
  • A delivery log is printed to pull the garments from the vault
  • Delivery log is presented for the customer’s signature

Storage / Services Module

  • Provides efficient management of the processes performed by your business
  • Manages your customer information including the garments that they currently own
  • Displays whether garments are currently in the vault and, if so, where they are physically located
  • Supports quick receiving of single/multiple garments from customers
  • Vault locations are automatically assigned to each garment based upon the service(s) to be provided for that garment
  • Provides the tools to support the use of both on-site and off-site vaults
  • Provides efficient delivery of one, selected, or all garments belonging to a customer and prints a consolidated delivery verification receipt
  • Supports custom definition of the services you provide including service packages such as "Storage and Cleaning Specials"
  • Eliminates the need for pre-printed forms, saving hundreds of dollars per year

Fur and Jewelry Point-of-Sale Module

  • Provides quick and efficient management of the processes associated with the receiving, sales, and tracking of fur and jewelry sales
  • Shares a common customer data base with the Storage/Services Module
  • Automatically carries garments purchased to the Storage/Services Module for future Storage and Cleaning processing