We heard you! These Product Enhancements are currently under development.

Garment Images

We heard you.  We are in the process of adding Garment Images which can be attached to each individual garment. These new images could be useful in:

  • Identifying a particular garment
  • Detailing damage/condition of garments
  • Showing where repairs should be performed

Delivery Scheduling

We are adding support for scheduling the delivery of garments. When viewing the Customer/Garment list, you will be able to select a garment and then click a "Schedule Delivery" button.

When the button is pressed a window will pop-up asking you for the delivery date and method.

You will then be able to run a report for a particular date or date range detailing the garments scheduled for delivery during that time frame (sorted by Delivery Method and Vault Location)

Garment History Print

Currently you can view a complete history of the services that have been performed on a particular garment by double-clicking on the garment and then clicking on the "Garment History" tab.

We are adding a "print" button to that tab to enable you to print the complete history of any garment.

Off-Site Repair Tracking

When you add a Repair Service to a Garment Ticket Fur-Soft currently pops up a window asking you for the Work Instructions.  We are adding an additional field to this window which will prompt you for the Repair Facility name.

When this entry is complete and the ticket is printed Fur-Soft will flag the garment as being out for repair.

You will then be able to print a report detailing all garments that are "out" for repair (sorted by Repair Facility and Date).

When the garment is received back from the Repair Facility you will be able to clear the "Out for Repair" flag to remove it from future reports.

Consolidated Inventory Tracking

We are adding the option in the POS module to support consolidated inventory tracking which will allow multiple stores to share the same inventory.  A location indicator will be added to distinguish the physical location of the inventory items.  The inventory will be shared in a remote location which is accessible to all stores within the chain.

Enhancement Suggestions

We are always striving to make Fur-Soft the Premier Program for the Fur Industry so we are happy to entertain any suggestions that you might have to improve the product.

If you have some features that you believe should be included in Fur-Soft, please go to our Contacts page and fill out the form detailing your suggestion in the Questions/Comments field.

We will contact you to gain an understanding of the enhancement(s) and determine the viability and implementation timeframe for your request(s).