Streamlining the Fur Industry

Fur-Soft Overview

The Fur-Soft solution has always been driven by the business requirements of Furriers. From the earliest point, this solution was designed with the assistance and from the perspective of Furriers. Fur-Soft is not an existing product/system that was retrofitted to support the Fur Industry. Fur-Soft is a totally new product designed specifically to support the Furrier’s day to day operations. Fur-Soft does not require you to think like an accountant, but lets you focus on satisfying your clients’ needs.

Customize Fur-Soft easily to meet your specific business environment

Fur-Soft enables you, the Furrier, to tailor the software to fit you like one of your fine furs. Fur-Soft enables you to tailor your installation to fit your business just like you would tailor one of your fine furs to fit a specific customer.

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"It's [Fur-Soft] actually been the best organization tool that I could have asked for to organize the company."

Jim Holloway, Holloway Furs, Memphis, TN